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Change the phrase “New Year’s Resolutions,” into “Is this moving towards or away from my goals?”

It is that time once again. As a follow-up to my previous blog written on January 2018 titled, “Identifying Your “Why” to Stay Focused on Goals and Not Just New Year’s Resolutions,” this month’s blog is following up on the same topic.

Now that it is January 2019, we are back to hearing about people’s New Year’s Resolutions. I think starting off the new year with resolutions is not a bad idea. I am not trying to knock the idea of making a list of this new year’s goals. I have done this myself, and I have even made promises to myself that “this year I will make sure to do this.” If that goal comes to fruition, it is quite a feeling to be able to check it off that resolutions list.

However, they say that many of those resolutions will not come to fruition. There can be various reasons for this, including financial, time, and just life itself. One way to try to stay on track is to continue to ask yourself throughout the weeks, months, and year, “Is what I am currently doing helping me to move towards that goal or away from that goal?”

You can use this strategy for just about any goal or resolution you have set for yourself. As I mentioned in that previous blog in January 2018, review your goals, your “why’s,” and ask yourself if the choices you are making day-to-day reflect your goals and your “why’s.” Are you making decisions that align with your goals, or are you starting to get off track? Stay mindful of why you might be getting off track and what may help you to get back on track, including revisiting the underlying reasons for the goal in the first place. What are these New Year’s Resolutions trying to accomplish, and why?

Whatever your New Year’s Resolutions may be, try to stay mindful throughout the year of if your choices and actions are aligning with those resolutions. By staying mindful and proactive, we may be able to reach those resolutions after all and check them off the list at the end of the year. What a feeling that will be!

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Photo taken by Monica Coulter in McKinney, Texas, 2016.

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